Nyereka Tech is a company that offers project makers to get an electronics devices on affordable prices and training/support on Tech projects

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Tech Devices

  • Arduino (Uno, Mega, Nano, WiFi, Wavgat)

  • NodeMCU(ESP8266)

  • Sensors

  • Transistors

  • Resistors

  • Capacitors

  • Roobots

  • Computer accessories

  • Others

Tech Support

Nyereka Tech offer a tech innovators or projects makers to get project monter, devices on afforable prices and technical support

New Products

  • Arduino uno New version Atmega386

  • Car Roobot took driving

  • Car Roobot took driving

  • LCD 2004 New Versing compatible with Arduino

Buy electronic Devices including Arduino, Sensors and Computer acceessory

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Ongoing Courses

Computer Application


Conduct by:

Amon Rukundo

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Tech Project Maker
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Electronics Advices
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Arduino, Sensors, Computer accessories, Tech project and request others


How to

Programming Microcontroller



Electronics projects

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