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Online courses

We provide online courses:

  1. Embedded system(Arduino programming)
  2. IoT and Software development
  3. Web application development:
    • CSS
    • HTML
    • Python
    • JavaScript
    • Angular
  4. Microsoft office:
    • Word
    • PPT
    • Excel
  5. The Raspberry Pi platform and Python programming
  6. CCTV installation and Networking
  7. PC maintenance and Networking
  8. Arduino Robotics programming

Electronics devices & Components

We sell all kind of electronics devices which you can use in your study or your daily professional work.

  1. Development Board:
    • Arduino Uno
    • NodeMCU
    • Raspberry Pi
    • GSM/GPS
    • Audio Module
    • Nyereka Tech Learning Kit
  2. Sensors
  3. Active and Passive components
  4. Tools and Instrument
  5. 3D printer accessories
  6. Storage devices
  7. Computer and accessories

Request undiscovered components in Kigali from China


We build professional Tech projects

We help individuals, companies, and schools to build electronics systems.

  1. IoT system
  2. Arduino/Embedded system
  3. Basics of Electronic system
  4. Design profession PCB
  5. Print 3D cover
  6. Consultant of different systems/project


Software development and Hosting

If you want an amazing and modern website for your business, startups or personal profile, just come to us. We provide best affordable hosting services with your preferred domain name

  1. Website desing
  2. Website hosting
  3. Website management

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We can help you to deal with:

Capacity bluiding

Now it is the time to learn online. we provide full courses with tutorials so that you can learn much faster to boost your knowledge.

Final year projects

We help individuals, companies, schools and students to build electronics systems. We have components and programmers, the choice is yours!

Web development & Web hosting

We build good looking websites. We can help you to host your website. Choose from .rw , .com , .org and .net domains.

Ordering from china

We help you to deliver the desired components directly from china.

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