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WhatsApp hack

How can you hack your Friend whatsApp??

This the way you can use to read and follow the everything from you friend.Remember that there are rules, If you see a person profile without have a permission equal to sin.
Please before doing this way beg a permission. You can use this way on you whatsApp account when you want to use your whatsApp in your computer. So, Don’t violet the rules.
Don’t worry for this way because now you are going to know if you whatsApp is hacked or not, read this steps and Asks us e question you faced.
Follow this a few steps

Open Whatsapp

Open WhatsApp on your friend's phone. It's a green app with a white phone icon on it.

whatsApp open hack

Tap on settings

Tap Settings on your whatsApp. Setting are located in different area depending with your phone, example: Windows or iPhone's Settings option is in the bottom-right corner of the screen, while on Android is in the top-right corner of the screen.

whatsApp open settings

Hold on WhatsApp Web

Tap WhatsApp Web/Desktop. It's near the top of the page (iPhone) or near the top of the drop-down menu (Android). On Android, you'll tap WhatsApp Web and start your amazing way.

whatsApp web

Open your Web browser on Pc

Open the WhatsApp Web website on your computer. You will see a black-and-white box near the center of the page; this is a QR code, which you will scan using your phone's camera.

whatsApp in browser

Scan code

Point your friend's phone's camera at the QR code. The phone's screen should be facing you, while the camera should be facing the QR code on your computer. If you have previously scanned a QR code with WhatsApp, you will need to first tap Scan QR Code near the bottom of the screen to invoke the camera.

scan code

Start to use

Wait for the code to scan. If the camera doesn't acknowledge the QR code right away, try moving your friend's phone closer to the screen. Once the QR code is scanned, the WhatsApp Web application will open; this is a program that allows you to view your friend's WhatsApp messages on your computer.

whatsApp in computer

This is a way that can help you to control(hack) your friend’s whatsApp in your computer.

You can control that whatsApp account even an owner are far from you.But in initial step a computer and phone must be near closed and both of them have a good internet connection.

You can you use those whatApp the same time without a problem.It means you can use it in your computer wile your friend is using in his/her phone.

How can you know if there are any computer use your whatsApp account?

How do you know this?

For this a few steps:
Tap on settings
Tap on whatsApp web/desktop
You will see the computer that are connected on your whatsApp account. Press on “log out” if you want to re-connect to that computer.

Thank you for reading this post you can share on facebook on others social media for helping your friend to know this way.

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