Cargo Tracking system


This circuit is designed for tracking the location of vehicles, items or tools. Most oftracking systems are made by using GPS. Tracking systems are mostly used by fleet operators for tracking a tool location, routing and others.

This is a very good method for preventing our tools, items or vehicles from stolen. This tracking system sends us the geographical coordinates and by using these coordinates we can track our tools position on electronic maps using internet and other electronics component.

You can continue to know the location of your tools, items or vehicle.

In this system we are using the Mobile system module for sending the coordinates of vehicle on mobile phone via message. Geolocation sytem is to know the location continuously in form of string. After reading this string using Microcontroller extract required character of coordinates and send it via SMS. This information is called latitude and longitude. Global position system used 3 or 4 satellite for tracking the location of any thing.

Components Used: 1. Arduino Pro mini 2. GSM Module 3. Global Position System (GPS) 5. Connecting wires

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